The Art of Book Folding

The Art of Book Folding

For the past two years, I have learned by trial & error what folding books can create. They can create a beautiful piece of art and they can create a custom heirloom gift.

But when I started I did a ton of research, watched videos and created books that worked and some that did not work.  But I have perfected my craft and the outcome is something that I am extremely proud of.

I create my books by marking and folding the pages, I do not cut the pages.  That is something that I would not do because I am proud to preserve the vintage books that are being thrown or given away.


Allison Murphy, owner of The ABC Market, measuring and folding pages of a recycled book to create a custom folded piece of book art


I am so proud of what I have accomplished in the last two years of this business.  I have shared my creations at many flea markets, vintage markets, Christmas shows and so much more. The pictures in the shop do not to the books justice because to see the 3-D effect in person is so beautiful. 

The folds are so delicate and showcase just how much work go into each page. Please let me know how I can create your story in a book.



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